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Teleportation - the collision of matter problem [closed]

I'm surprised I can't find a previous question on this. We all know that being teleported instantly from one place to another has a big problem. If your co-ordinates are off, you might appear in the ...
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How best to use wormholes for spaceflight?

The goal is to get from Earth to the Outer Solar System, preferably the Kuiper Belt, as quickly as practical, with a crew of about 12, and a not-set-in-stone dry mass around 30 tons. The characters ...
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Wormholes as Weapons of Mass Destruction

A wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations solved using a Jacobian ...
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Science and Physics of Portals

So I have a character who uses various portals to store and deploy his weaponry and tools. These portals are 2 dimensional portals like those of the game Portal. I have had little trouble with this ...
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What is INSIDE a Wormhole?

IF they were real, would wormholes work in the way that they do in sci-fi (for all intents and purposes "teleportation", travel without movement, FTL, immediately "appearing" at the other location), ...
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What can these negative-mass-free wormholes be used for?

There might be a way to build traversable wormholes without needing negative mass. Take a gander: Now, these wormholes have a big limitation, they can't ...
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How to build a wormhole for FTL communication? [more Engineering than Physics question]

I came to SE WB while I was researching about space radiators for my sci-fi. I don't remember where exactly I found an answer to my question (Maybe? Idr) but I stunned with this site. You all looks ...
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No! Not the moon! [closed]

Long ago, two ancient Eldritch Abominations ruled the planet Cyra. Kith, the giant tick-like beast that drains the thermal energy out of the environment, and Eas, who is the planet’s ocean. After ...
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Would there be stress on my wormhole between two planetary surfaces due to their orbits?

Building on this question: Settings formed by Uncontrolled Terraforming of Venus and Mars via Portals My government, the Great Council of Duhurang1 has authorized the Minister of Astronomic Science2 ...
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Would would occur if a person travelled from a wormhole in flat empty space, to one on Earth?

We are using a Morris-Throne Wormhole Metric. Let's presume the throat of this wormhole (in internal hyperspace) is short, let's say 1km. Now, as you are travelling through the entrance wormhole, ...
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I have a way of giving something negative mass. Did I just end the world,or usher in a golden age of space travel?

So, somehow, I have discovered a process that makes an objects mass negative. Not its weight, its mass (although, I guess that the weight would also become negative). The thing is, before I try it, I ...
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