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Creating a realistic world map - Currents, Precipitation and Climate

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. Once geological processes and erosion have created a landscape this landscape will in turn alter the planet. Ocean currents and trade winds ...
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How realistic is the geography of my map?

I was told to post this question separately, so here it is. I need help with the geography and climate of my map. Blue circles are ports Gray circles are cities That one brown circle is a town The ...
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How can I get my continent placement and latitude lines right to make my climates work?

This is a (crude) map of my world of Lorne in the current age. At the point of development I'm in, I'm trying to get the climates/biomes of some of the lands I've envisioned to work out as best as ...
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Ensuring Hadley Cells and Climate models on planet size

Having looked for a few days I am pretty sure I do not have an answer on this question: My intended planet will have the same density but double the mass of earth. I know this will increase the ...
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Are the ocean currents and climate zones of my world plausible?

So, I'm making my first stab at worldbuilding, and I got this idea for a largely water world with only a single continental landmass, a little smaller than Africa in terms of land area, roughly ...
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What rules govern which biomes can neighbor one another?

I'm working on a map of a single continent or large island, and I want it to have some distinct biomes. What are some simple rules to determine which biomes could possibly be near/adjacent to one ...
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How to make a bigger planet be as similar to Earth as possible

My fantasy world is slightly larger than earth so that discovery of the continents becomes harder (about 20% surface should do it). But at the same time I want to preserve most aspects to make it like ...
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Does my climate map work?

I'm looking for notes on my climate map for a continent I've mapped out. Does this set up seem plausible. Map (Imgur) [3 Previous question with general planetary conditions edit Don't have time ...
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Could I get some guidance on this map in progress?

BACKGROUND So I was working on a map, when I suddenly realized that despite the many helpful tutorials on this site I have very little idea what I'm doing. I thought it might be a good idea to put on ...
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How can I explain the geography and climate of my planet?

I've recently decided to revive an old project of mine involving an alien planet. Unfortunately, however, I was not as good a worldbuilder then as I am now, and that's having some consequences. Back ...
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Is my topology/are my climate zones alright?

This is my first try at worldbuilding, and I need some feedback. I've filled in what I hope are realistic climate zones, ocean currents and topology for this current state of the world, all done in ...
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Which map-making software is best suited for my interests?

I'm interested in creating a map for a world I've been creating. I've done some research to determine which software would suit me best, and it came down to Inkarnate, Campaign Cartographer, and ...
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What would the climate of this map look like? [closed]

In this scenario, there is a binary star system comprised of one naturally-made star and another made by the hands of some mysterious hyperadvanced civilization. The latter is a white giant, an ...
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