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What would happen to the Earth if it were suddenly transported to a completely empty void? [duplicate]

The entire planet Earth is suddenly teleported (never mind how for now) to a completely empty space. No sun, no moon, no stars or other planets. There's absolutely nothing out there and it appears ...
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What would the short term consequences of the sun disappearing? [duplicate]

In my world gods are embodiments of things in nature like the sun or a mountain. Due to certain events the god representing the sun got killed with the plot being creating a new sun before the world ...
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Earth was suddenly teleported away from the sun. Can we recover?

Through some evil scientist man's evil plot to destroy the world, he transported the entire Earth away from the sun into an unknown point in space where there is no sun. Could we recover? Details- ...
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The earth is flung into deep space

I've been reading the book Nomad, and in it That's got me thinking, is there any chance of survival beyond a few days/weeks when the atmosphere freezes? (Would it freeze?) Just off the top of my ...
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How much of the sun's light would have to be blocked for the Earth to become uninhabitable?

For context: I'm writing a story where the main antagonist is an empire that builds Dyson swarms around every star they can get their hands on. The protagonist lives on a planet around one such star, ...
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What would happen if the earth was thrown into the interstellar medium? [closed]

So, for some reason the sun has randomly disappeared. The earth, along with the rest of the solar system, have been thrown out into interstellar space. Obviously, temperatures will plunge to levels ...
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How long does it take for an eclipse to cause the ocean surface to freeze?

I am working with a story. I wish to make my story somewhat logical by adding some science and thereby not making it to appear fantasy. This story is on a fictional planet far away from Earth. Let's ...
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If visible light from the sun stopped hitting the earth but the sun still existed, how would this affect the earth?

The sun produces light, heat, and other things. If the visible spectrum of light from the sun stopped hitting the earth but only the light directly from the sun, so moonlight and if heat can be ...
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TImeline of Rogue Earth

I have seen a video from Kurzgesagt that goes into some details about what would happen should the Earth be flung outside the solar system. It says that by the time Earth's altitude relative to the ...
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If the Earth is completely covered by mirrors, how quickly does it freeze?

Suppose all areas of the Earth is suddenly covered in indestructible mirrors (assume they reflect 70% of solar energy that would hit the land/ocean), how quickly will the increase in albedo cause the ...
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