So I am writing a story where aliens invade earth. The aliens kill most humans and take some humans and keep them as pets or place them in zoos. My question is: how would these people be cared for?

The aliens planet is similar to Earth. Same amount of gravity yellow sun. And it also has a breathable atmosphere.

The humans are not affected by alien diseases.

I would like to know how the zoo would be run.

What food would the humans be given?

What habitat would they be placed in?

The aliens in my story are Gastropod like humanoids and their government Based upon imperial rome. Whenever they meet a new species of aliens they either assimilate them into their society or kill and enslave them. These aliens view humans as cute and keep them as pets and put them in zoos. The story I am currently writing revolves around the descendants of the human who were first enslaved who organize a rebellion against their alien masters.

Also, some of these aliens keep some humans as pets much like how people today keep dogs as pets.


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I think it is a little boring to model the alien zoo on modern zoos, where natural habitats are recreated. Instead you could model your alien zoo along Roman lines.


The treatment of animals generally in the Empire was a direct reflection of ancient Roman culture and traditions. The Romans were especially fascinated with wild animals. They liked looking at them, marveling at their strangeness, watching them perform tricks - and watching them being hunted and killed.... We know from writings, for example, that monkeys would be dressed as soldiers and ride in small chariots pulled by goats.... Unfortunately, in a contradiction often seen in the treatment of ancient Roman animals, many pets were also considered a delicacy and a pet fish or parrot might eventually end up on the table. Parrots' tongues were a particular delicacy.

Humans would be kept because they could imitate the conquering aliens much as the monkeys imitated soldiers. The aliens could treasure the ridiculousness of the human imitators, and humans who knew which side their bread was buttered on would ham it up. Because fighting humans are also interesting, and dead humans can be tasty.

Another modern idea would be to model the zoo after something like the Wild Animal Safari

animals begging thru car window

A bunch of animals are in a huge lot, assembled without regard to where they were originally from. Water buffalo, elk, giraffes, donkeys, monkeys, mule deer etc. They sort themselves out, more or less. And then you drive through and they come to your window to beg for treats. How do they get along when there is no treat begging? Who knows, because when you show up it is all about the begging.

Your humans could be the same, in with a bunch of other earth animals and animals from other worlds. The aliens would trundle through in vehicles and the humans and everything else would run up and beg.


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