I'm writing (planning really) a fantasy novel based on the fae. My "scientific" explanation for them is that the fae realm is another planet accessed via wormhole. Since I wanted them to age normally compared to humans but seem like ageless beings, my dad proposed that the fae planet be on the far edge of a spiral galaxy with a black hole at the centre. The centrifugal force and velocity of the system moving would mean time was slower there yes?

So we have Earth connected via wormhole to Fae, and Fae with much much stronger gravity. So I have three primary questions.

  1. What adaptions would a creature born on a planet with a lot of gravity have?
  2. What would the effect be for a human on Fae/a creature born on a planet with high gravity on Earth?
  3. Would there be any way for a human to survive on Fae short of magic?

EDIT: Apologies for multi-question post, my bad. Since this has been answered, is it okay to just close the post?

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There is a computer game called Mass Effect. In the game there are alien species and one of them is called Elcor.

Elcor come from a high gravity planet like you explained and they evolved that way. They have rough skin, they move very slowly , they are very strong etc.

One of the things I find interesting about Elcor is: They have under developed facial muscles because most of the energy has to be spend against gravity , so they can’t do mimics and when they talk to humans , they verbally state their emotion by saying things like laughing, angry,sad after finishing a sentence.

Here is the link to Elcor Wiki


To answer your questions:

  1. These creatures will be considerably shorter and stockier than humans. They will need thick, powerful bones and a strong heart and circulatory system. This will prevent gravity from simply pooling blood in the feet. Something else to note is that is will be highly unlikely for animals with exoskeletons to exist, as they'd be crushed under their own weight.

2.1. Without a pressure suit (similar to what pilots wear), humans might be crushed, die due to the aforementioned gravity issues and would generally have a hard time, due to the fundamentally different circumstances.

2.2 Astronauts suffer some serious ill effects due to micro gravity in space. Your Fae might have a similar response to the new environment

  1. As I mentioned, they would need dedicated pressure suits and (if the gravity makes movement sluggish) some kind of exoskeleton.

Just to add to your scientific principles, the center of the galaxy is incredibly violent. Black holes give off more power through radiation in seconds, than our sun will in its lifetime. Also, You'd need specialized ships to travel worm holes, since they tend to be fairly violent to whatever tries to travel through

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    $\begingroup$ -1 for a "pressure suit" helping with high gravity. They help with air pressure for breathing. You're probably confusing them with G-suits, which pilots wear to keep blood from pooling in their legs and causing blackouts during aggressive maneuvering. It's an effect of angular acceleration, not gravity as experienced by people walking around. $\endgroup$ – T.J.L. Nov 3 '17 at 13:02

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