Story of the universe:

  1. Humanity develops technology providing virtually free, unlimited energy, having FTL interstellar travel, creating dyson spheres and terraforming worlds.
  2. All humans are connected via a network enabling free exchange of thought, virtual immortality, consciousness teleportation (move consciousness between bodies, no consciousness cloning)
  3. There's an event that causes all humans connected to the neural network to die.
  4. Those that were not connected survived, for example during maintenance or experiments.
  5. Even then only those that had their body controlled by their own brain and not the network or a device connected to the network (people would do so to free up cognitive resources or perform repairs on the body) could survive.
  6. Afterwards, connecting to the network causes instant death.


  • A relatively large amount of survivors (A random distribution of 20.000.000 people over 5.000.000 inhabited star systems)
  • A network of FTL beacons to the nearest star systems (basically a connected graph)
  • Relatively common FTL communication and travel equipment
  • Mostly starbase habitation
  • Very hard access to information and technology details as everything was encoded in the network.
  • No food/life support scarcity
  • Depletable FTL fuel (assume large amounts initially, but depleting within the next 100 years, spread unevenly, produced by about 500 star systems, which is about 0.01%, in low quantities without maintenance)
  • Complex starships unusable, require network access to use. Only touch-controlled interfaces are accessible (primitive and not common).
  • People remember only what they knew during the apocalyptic event, so if they had parts of the history "downloaded", they will remember it.
  • I do not expect all survivors to survive long term.
  • No true AI.


How would the societies after a few houndred years look like? I am thinking specifically about the following aspects:

  • What would be the prevalent family model? Patriarchal? Matriarchal? No preference?
  • Would there be God(s)?s
  • Which vocations would be the most valued and common?
  • Should I expect "raiders"?
  • What should I expect when it comes to morality? Amoral societies? Judeo-christian values? Buddhism-like values?
  • What kind of laws would I expect to form?
  • What would be the most valuable commodity?
  • What would be discarded as worthless that is now(In real world) valuable?
  • What issues would people struggle with?
  • Would I encounter for example evil robots that want to eradicate humanity?
  • Should I assume they all would desire to preserve their memories somehow? (Audio logs would be common I guess)
  • Would they have any reason to inhabit planets?


EDIT: I assume initial population in the trillions, survivor population around 20M

Edit for clarity, will anyway break this up.


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