Self-fitting clothes sound cool but I can't help but feel that they wouldn't last long and would soon become impractical and just a passing fad. What are the benefits and drawbacks to self fitting clothes?


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Presuming the self-fitting feature of clothing was inexpensive, actually worked, and eventually the cost of such a feature was not noticeable to consumers; they would become ubiquitous. IRL many wealthy people that can afford tailors do use them, whether people "notice" their clothes are fitted or not.

Fitting can make a garment you like available, particularly if the only available pre-made sizes are all either too baggy in some places or too tight or stretched in another.

That means self-fitting is a valuable feature for both producers and consumers: It increases the market size for producers, and increases the range of styles for consumers.

There is no reason to think it would be any less popular than other similar innovations; like color-fastness, washability, non-shrinking, stain-resistance, and so on. Even if it were noticeably more expensive, it might attract an intermediate market between the lower middle class and those that can routinely afford more expensive custom tailoring.


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