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Differences about the powers of the two are italic.

In my story there are two guys, each equipped with a unique, magic-like ability.

The first one can emit the elements fire, water, ice and electricity from any inch of his body. It does not cost him any kind of energy, but it is (a little bit) exhausting (think throwing a ball for a "fire shot"). It hast to be attached to his body, but he can throw/shoot it. Using ice, he can form nearly anything he wants (if it holds). Everything he creates follows normal rules of nature, fire is hot, ice is cold, etc (it can also melt, if he doesn't focus on keeping it cold). He is able to withstand to his own created elements, as well as all others. That means he is completely immune to heat and cold as well as electricity (but not drowning!).

The other on has the ability to lift/shatter objects without touching them (like a jedi) and create a "force shield". Once again it doesn't drain any energy and is mildly exhausting, depending on the size and number of object and speed/velocity. Between him and the object can only be air, or the like, as solids would block the range of his power (but he could probably shatter any obstacle in the way). His "force shield" is just an extension of his other power, he can create a space where all kinetic energy is stopped, like bullets. Only one and it is a plane not bigger than a car and while it stops gas and water and air, it cannot be perfectly aligned with solid material like a hole in a wall so it's kinda useless against gas and the likes. The size and weight of the objects he can manipulate as well as the number are pretty high, as an example he can lift two cars, change their tires and put them safely down. (2 times 4 times 5[bolts] + 2 times 8[tires] = 56 objects with ease)
Without the need for precision he is able to lift anything about the weight of a small house.

Not sure, if it is relevant, but their powers are loosely tied to their emotions, the "elementalist" leaks water when sad, emits heat when angry, cold when sad and electricity when exited (not deadly). The "jedi" is more powerful when strong emotions are involved, but looses precision.

Apart from these two individuals, the world is the same as ours and the public does not know about them. The military however knows about their powers, basically as much as I wrote here!

To clarify:
I am NOT asking you how to kill/defeat the two, I already know that.
I am NOT asking you to write a scenario.
I am NOT asking you what the military would ultimately decide to do.

Are there rules/standard tactics for dealing with these two unusual threats?


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There are rules, yes. They are all custom tailored to the specific events at hand, and cannot be stated in generality.

For example, one of the biggest questions would be whether lethal force had already been authorized. Every major military provides rules of engagement which specify when lethal force is permitted. Some missions come with rules that literally state "you can't shoot them until they shoot at you." Others state that the secrets regarding the mission are more important than the lives of those around you.

Some situations may call for an elite team like a Seal team or a Ranger team to go in and resolve the situation. Other situations may call for the deployment of large numbers of foot soldiers to apply pressure. Others call for launching a few cruise missiles from hundreds of miles away and obliterating the threat before the threat even knows the missiles are there. The response will be night-and-day different if these two start raising havoc in the middle of a massive corn field in Kansas versus if their first notable appearance is killing security personnel at the White House.

It's actually kind of funny, but it is intentionally impossible to provide you with one doctrine for these circumstances. You can actually prove that if any government were to provide a "doctrine for unusual threats," a competing government could use that doctrine to identity a way to exploit it for an advantage. A government that has such a doctrine must keep it secret, or they are at a disadvantage.

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