A group of individuals from a technologically advanced alien race have been found to be intellectual dissidents by their peers and exiled to Earth as a consequence.

Earth was selected as the location of their sentence as it happens to be hospitable for their species and the convicts have been given some technologies (detailed below) to help them make a new life for themselves on earth.

These aliens are not humanoid. They cannot disguise themselves as people. Furthermore they do not want to reveal themselves to humanity at large, thus they must stay hidden from the general population. They are however willing, if not terribly keen, on interacting with small groups (such as government officials) as long as they believe their existance will not be divulged publically.

The aliens are essentially entirely carnivorous and the entire group requires about 60,000 kilograms of meat to sustain itself per day. They were not given technologies to synthesize artificial meat, nor were they given herds of animals to farm. Furthermore because of certain ethical and cultural considerations, they wish to live in harmony with their habitat and thus they greatly prefer to kill/farm/consume species which they deem as "invasive/"unchecked", species which are causing untold havoc to the ecosystem. This (unfortunately for us) happens to be, according to them, humans.

So the question remains, how will this group of aliens harvest and ship 60,000 kilograms of human meat (when you account for all the non-meat part of humans beings that adds up to about 2000 individuals, by the way) per day to the hidden central location where they all live?

Additional information:

  • They have settled in a large underground cavern which they themselves created located in Nevada, USA.

  • The technologies they possess include advanced computers capable of translating mostly accurately any human language, hacking any website/online service with low to medium level security and running calculations dozens of times faster than Earth super-computers.

  • In addition they have extremely advanced batteries which should be able to fuel their small-society for centuries and the ability to manufacture dozens of androids which can be customised to exactly copy the likeness/speech of any human and which possess the software needed to engage in basic inter-personal interactions.

  • They can create bioweapons and artificial viruses.

  • The aliens have rather extensive knowledge on physics (FTL travel, wormhole creation) and engineering (fusion reactors, robotics).

  • They would prefer to eat healthy human beings (no eating sick or elderly if at all possible; extra credit to answers which do not require them to do so).

  • These aliens have no qualms with majorly distorting the status quo. They can use their influence to topple governments, inflict worldwide/nationwide plagues, etc...

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What timeframe is this going to happen? You could possibly retrofit a bunch of scenarios into human history related to alien harvesting:

  • Aliens arrive during the Middle Ages. To fulfil their urgent needs, they release a bio weapon (the Black Death) that covers up a whole lot of mass abductions in civilized countries. Perhaps the biotoxin also helps 'season' the meat to their taste before they can develop other recipes.
  • Presumably during this period, they also abduct people from other regions - such as the Maya in Americas or Angkor in the East.
  • Quick stockpiling gives them good leeway to experiment with more sustainable methods
  • Experiments to find the tastiest wild food for breeding results in various disappearances
  • Among these, the aliens often prefer to abduct people in water (easier to avoid witnesses) and sometimes use their biological knowledge to create creatures to blame. This leads to them creating the Loch Ness monster & others of her ilk while orchestrating lake disappearances
  • As industrialization grows and its harder to get away with mass kidnappings, Bermuda Triangle becomes a favored fishing spot for a good supply of strong healthy sailors mixed with the occasional more meaty merchants
  • By now, the farms setup for captive production are in full swing, which can provide for basic food although the aliens do moan the lack of variety in tastes
  • In modern times, aliens heavily monitor the Middle East and get to farm food during the frequent wars
  • They might have also manipulated events to keep ME in a state of conflict, or encouraging African chaos for those aliens that like stringier meat

Note that with wormhole-level tech, I'm assuming that hiding in one underground location is no bar to abducting or monitoring people throughout the world.


Start an "interstellar colonization program" start a publicity program offering your service for healthy mature people, approximately 2000 a day, You talk lots about the technical challenges, how great it is for humanity, the distances and risks involved,

use your worm hole to store the people in space at least initially until people have stopped looking at your facilities too closely, You need people to see and talk to others on earth about the robotic construction, the futuristic looking ship, being weightless etc. this will put most of the humans at ease, add Lots of feel good stories about the individuals and their motivation for going, and looking forward to their new home etc. A season or two of some drama series should help. Documentaries detailing why your facilities are best kept hidden because of terrorism.

You need to cover the potential risks, losing a ship or two, why you can't talk to the people as they travel eg. they are frozen/stasis. Where you are sending people and how long it should take, why it is difficult to see the ships, perhaps you let people know about the wormholes but explain they have a short range and other technical difficulties meaning they can't travel via wormhole but explains the lack of launches.

You ridicule / discredit any "conspiracy theorists" that are complaining about the apparent lack of launches leaving the solar system/earth, or other technical questions about your (lack of) production facilities. You can sponsor another season of your drama series.

You then have at least 50 and probably a hundred years where no-one is any the wiser. By this time people will have grown up with the idea that only the best are accepted to go on the ships and it should be easier to continue, If you fabricate some communication from some ships with light delays proper questioning will be almost impossible, The need for this will depend on your reading of the political situation on earth.


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