12 Zodiac Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable)

Recently I've had the idea to make my elemental magic chart for one of my fantasy stories based off the Zodiac's elemental combinations and their relationship to each other's "three phases." These phases are known as "cardinal," "fixed," and "mutable" to the users of the four elements.

Each one of the 4 Elements can combine/merge with the 3 States of Being.

  • Fire=red mage, Earth=yellow mage, Water=green mage, Air=blue mage
  • Cardinal=white mage, Fixed=gray mage, Mutable=black mage

All of these different elements combine to make 12 Zodiac Elements on the magic chart, let me explain more. I need to come up with each one of the three phases for each one of the 4 Classical Elements to have it seem like a real feasible thing for the magicians of this fictional to pull off. Each one of these kinds of colored magic are meant to represent their user's Zodiac personality.


  • Fire/Summer=energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, and impulse
  • Earth/Autumn=practicality, utility, material, and conservation
  • Water/Winter=emotion, nurture, responsibility, and sympathy
  • Air/Spring=communication, social skills, abstract ideals, and mentality


  • Cardinal (first phase) | Solid state? - usher in the season, meet, does something first
  • Fixed (second phase) | Liquid state? - middle of season, consolidate, preserve, stand, inertia
  • Mutable (third/last phase) | Gas or Plasma state? - end of the season, flexible, adjust, refine, respond, weave, dodge, flow

Tell me what each of "Modes" should be in terms of dividing each one of the 4 Classical Elements (fire, earth, water, air) then into 3 different individual segments. In this world there are 12 Unions/Teams that are basically the 12 Zodiacs themselves. Each has a teacher to lead them towards the same goal. I need one specific element that they can control, possessing a different name from the Element that it's segmented from. (Fire itself can be "flame" but not "fire")

  1. Cardinal Fire=Aries, Fixed Fire=Leo, Mutable Fire=Sagittarius

(Flame, Lava, Light, Heaven, Spirit, Illusion?)

  1. Cardinal Earth=Capricorn, Fixed Earth=Taurus, Mutable Earth=Virgo

(Rock, Mountain, Wood, Nature, Metal, Poison?)

  1. Cardinal Water=Cancer, Fixed Water=Scorpio, Mutable Water=Pisces

(Water, Steam, Coldness, Ice, Void, Darkness?)

  1. Cardinal Air=Libra, Fixed Air=Aquarius, Mutable Air=Gemini

(Wind, Space, Thunder, Lightning, Time, Sound?)

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    $\begingroup$ It looks like you're wanting us to do your idea generation for you. $\endgroup$
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  • $\begingroup$ Perhaps you should look at the Chinese Zodiac, where their various metal, fire, wood, water & earth and so-on, are combined with the animal sign for each given year. Here is a good place to start: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_zodiac $\endgroup$
    – a4android
    Jul 17 '17 at 4:19
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Whatever you want them to be

With magic thats pretty much the answer you'll get for everything. There are some rules I suggest following and if you fancy making it rational.

Make sure your ideas are self consistent - so your cardinal fire person isn't prancing around shooting ice out their hands - but aside from that you don't need anyone else's input on a reality check because magic is you creating your own reality asking for input on details within this reality is going to be very opinion based.


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