There exists nothing in this planet other than the most basic form of life : a simple bacteria, a cell like that.

It isn't the only bacteria in the world to clear things out. There are countless of them.

The question being, if they evolved incredibly fast, what sort of environment, predators, way of living and so on would be needed to remake humans ?

Basically remake life's history anyway you want up to this point.

Edit :

To put it simply, the things I'm asking are :

  1. List 1 basic predator in the ages dinosaurs reigned ( in your part, it doesn't even have to be dinosaurs ) ( also explain characteristics of it )
  2. List 1 basic predator in the stone age, that humans had to deal with. ( also explain characteristics of it )
  3. List 1 technological advancement that you like ( it can even be from your imagination) that allowed humans to be the 'apex predator'
  4. List 1 great achievement of humanity ( it can be whatever you want, in whatever age you want )
  5. List 1 great historical event ( not required )
  6. List 1 special part you want for humans, that hasn't happened in reality ( not required )

Although I may say 'list only one', if you wish to, you can list as many as you want, I don't want to restrict you. It's only the basic requirements to list 1...

I tried to lessen the scope, but it's still as broad as before, since this QUESTION is meant to be broad for those who can't understand.


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    $\begingroup$ You won't get to remake humans. Evolution is driven by many forces, and chance plays a decisive role. As Stephen Jay Gould famously said, if we could rewind and then replay the tape of life the end results may well be vastly different. For example, consider what would have happened if the Chicxulub impactor had arrived 10 minutes later or 10 minutes earlier, missing the Earth by a few thousand kilometers... $\endgroup$ – AlexP Mar 22 '17 at 22:46

Well, the short answer: https://xkcd.com/1123/ (Hydrogen + Time).

That said, you get huge speedups by providing a few multicellular organisms. Mostly you need to toss an Evolvo-6000 at the planet.

The Evolvo-6000 is the perfect tool for reseeding those pesky failed experiments. It takes a huge biome adjusted your wasteland to really get going, and why wait eons for a few cosmic ways to make the Biome. The Evolvo-6000 takes what it can find from a atmospheric and soil sampling and nudges, well shoves, evolution into high gear. Modify a bacteria that thrives on sequestering carbon dioxide and methane to bring that atmosphere back in line? Done. Need an evolutionary dead end to break down leftover plastics? Done. In each case, a new organism is released with significant advantages so that it can conquer its environmental niche. Hybridization and natural selection will push those traits through the entire world. Most planets bloom with intelligent life within a century.

The Evolvo-6000 is a fully self-operated, hard landing capable, mobile evolutionary biology device. Payment plans and planetary mortgage financing are available, so talk to a dealer now! Also check out our line of planetary accumulators and deaccumulators to adjust your gravity.

Evolvo. Because Life Can't Wait.


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