The question is based off of Striders from the Half Life series. If you desire to answer the question, this site contains more information about Striders: http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Strider

Here are the important parts about Striders:

Striders are gigantic lumbering synthetic creatures with three legs, and an extremely hard caparapce. They are able to withstand grenades, rockets, etcetera, in fact. They are Docile in the 'world' I'm building, unless aggravated, and can be turned into synthetic beasts with weaponry. How does one tame these lumbering creatures, how do you weaponized them?
*Their purpose is a tank that absorbs damage, and destroys the enemy with heavy fire power.
*They are slow, and powerful *They have two weapons on their underbelly, a cannon that fires beams of concentrated plasma, and a machine gun that fires a similar projectiles in bursts.

Ignore the above if you're already educated on Striders- How do you integrate synthetic weaponry into their carapace? I want to know how you can grow the Strider cannons onto their underbellies, and how you can get these enormous three legged beasts to cooperate? Do you modify their genetic code, do you surgically implant them, what? What is the easiest and most effective way to turn Striders into killing machines that have been weaponized?
Edit: And is it realistic? Would it be possible? Are synthetic weaponized creatures realistic in this regard?


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Since a "synthetic creature" is essentially a machine, yes, you can integrate anything you wish into it, as long as it's within the original design parameters.

I think the mistake you're making is that you're thinking of these things primarily as live creatures - who said they are?

Science is currently able to create "artificial" muscle tissue, and have it contract by applying the appropriate electric current to it. Assuming more advanced technology is available, you might build a sort of mechanical skeleton, with a computerized brain, weapon systems, etc, yet with muscles moving the creature instead of motors.

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