So my protagonist has received "future data" because of this he is sure that a space that is 10 meters cubed will be transported back in time to a medieval time and place outlined in the data. "future data" gives my protagonist one year to prepare and 200,000$ in cash.

I figure my protagonist. A modern college aged male with some education would take the time google a response.

I plan to hand wave language and future diseases.


  1. The protagonist can not change the date or space that he is being moved to or from.
  2. The protagonist must plan to be in the space at the end of the year.
  3. The physical rules of the world still apply.
  4. Anything can be inside the space.
  5. Assume a semi hostile environment where he lands maybe being labelled a heretic.
  6. Assume a departure date some where around 2019 if it makes a difference.

The question:

Part 1. How can you get the most resources in a one year period with starting cash of 200,000$? Inside the USA. You can do illegal things but need to reasonable be able to avoid being under arrest in 1 year.

Part 2. What items would be necessary for long term survival in a medieval European space, and most important for simple quality of life. (good shoes, quality axes)

Part 3. assuming you have a 10 * 10 * 10 space what would be most beneficial to you to bring with you in order to become either the most powerful/richest person on the planet by the time you die?

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    $\begingroup$ Medieval when and where? Some idea of a target date will help. Technology varied enormously across the world in this era. What might be useful in one place not so much in another. $\endgroup$ – pHred Feb 16 '17 at 9:14