As you may or not be aware, we have a wonderful bubble created by the Sun. This Heliosphere (or bubble) protects us from plasma and other debris coming at us from the interstellar medium.
I have read a lot of threads on Dyson Shells and none seem to address what to do in the absence of our lovely Heliosphere.

Answers will be separated into two categories:

Dyson Shell proposals that allows for a Heliosphere to stay intact

Dyson Shell defense proposals.

NOTE: My ideal Dyson Shell is only about 3 million miles in radius (just over .03227 of an AU) due to heating and resource problems, as opposed to the typical 1 AU Dyson shell. The proposals do not have to take this size into account, but it is always a bonus.


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Joe talks about how to shed excess energy from a Dyson sphere in this answer.

Instead of constantly dumping that energy into the far reaches of space, use that energy-beam energy dissipation model but store sufficient store energy in capacitors to fuel beam weapons.


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