Let's say we have a standard definition (as much as possible) of each of these horse based species. They are pretty similar and each of them has its own powers. I am curious who would win a fight.

Environment: European woods near the (not high) mountains. The winner is the last alive.

  • Unicorn is a white horse with a large, spiralling horn projecting from its forehead (no magic powers, but great intelligence).
  • Centaur is a creature with the human upper body (hands included) and horse lower body.
  • Pegasus is a horse with wings (so it is able to fly).

So actually, it could be simplified that I am asking what is best to survive evolutionary in the world where this kind of fight is on a daily basis. The ability to fly, big sharp horn on the head or a human upper body.

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In my opinion, it would most definitely be the Centaur.

A: Above average human intelligence and cognitive ability (in most mythical descriptions of them)

B: A human body with arms and opposable thumbs (able to use a myriad of weapons)

Ba: can use weapons and in theory has speed relative to his two potential opponents.

Unicorn wouldn't stand a chance though I think the Pegasus obviously would being able to just fly away and all. Still, if the Centaur were skilled enough, he/she could just shoot the Pegasus with an arrow.


The fight answer is completely subjective, but an answer directed to this:

"So actually, it could be simplified that I am asking what is best to survive."

The unicorn actually wins this, due to biology.

  1. centaur - This is a very odd creature at the best of times as it's mixing unique biology types. A horses digestive system vs a human carnivorous diet...given that the centaur likely has a humans digestive track (a horses teeth is fundamental into the horses digestive system...human head lacks the teeth required) and this leaves a human mouth feeding a horse body. Biologically, a centaur is not a well designed creature and would likely fail right there.

  2. Pegasus - Why fly when you can run? I know that sounds a bit simplistic...but why would any creature that is so well adapted to one trait (running) adapt another trait that negates the need for the first one (flying)? Wings are not attach a few feathers on some lightly attached arms and go...flight requires a lighter body structure (porous bones) and a strong muscular setup to support these wings. All of this (weight and strength loss) is a direct hindrance to what the creature is already designed to do (run). It would either find itself in a situation where supporting the wings is too major of a hindrance to it's running function, in which case the wings would evolve to be vestigial or non-existence, or supporting the muscle mass to run is at too much of a hindrance to flight where it'd lose it's running muscles in favor of flight traits. Kinda leaves it in an evolutionary void where it's a short term stepping point between a flying mammal losing it's ability to fly or a land based mammal in the process of evolving to flight.

Leaves the unicorn...an already successful animal with a slightly increased intellect and a vestigial horn.

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