We, the users of worldbuilding, are all gods.

We can create any number of alternate realities.

We can only be in one reality at a time.

We can shape these realities into whatever worlds we can imagine. We can make the worlds that we build a reality.

Being gods, we can travel to other realities and change them as we see fit.

We can also destroy any reality we desire by visiting that reality and shutting it down.

Moving from reality to reality causes a small connection to be formed between those two realities. The more we move from reality to reality the more this connection grows, until eventually the two realities start leaking onto each other. This can have profound effects on the inhabitants on both realities.

If two or more realities leak into each other too much they will eventually collapse (eventually being an extremely long amount of time), completely eliminating anything in those realities except for the gods themselves.

As well as creating flora and fauna, we can create a vast array of intelligent life forms to populate our realities. All intelligent life forms have their own free will. The intelligent life doesn't have to recognise you as a god, but having a popular belief system based upon you is a highly regarded status symbol amongst other gods.

Although we can create all manner of intelligent life in these realities, ultimately these intelligent life forms can never truly relate to us, and given enough time, we become lonely and crave the companionship of other gods.

Some realities are cherished by their creator, and they don't want that reality to change. Other realities are more for fun or are created as a sandbox for ideas. Some realities are worked on by more than one god, sometimes as a collaborative effort, sometimes as a competitive sport. Many realities have been abandoned by their creator and exists in a half finished state.

Destroying or substantially changing the reality of another god, particularly a reality that they cherish, can result in bloody conflict between the gods. I picture us as gods being like a halfway point between who we are as human beings and the Greek gods of old. We are emotional creatures with wants and desires, we feel pain and remorse, we get greedy and we can be charitable. We have love and we have hate, we can be petty and we all have a sense of arrogance due to our inherent god like abilities.

Gods cannot be killed by anything created inside a reality, but gods can be killed by other gods.

Gods do not age, but if they stay on their own for too long (like an eternity) they will fade away and die.

When a god dies, all their created realities vanish.

What rules would you suggest to ensure there is a lasting harmony amongst us gods?

Can there be a lasting harmony amongst us gods?

Or will we end up killing each other off until there is nothing left?

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Gods - being Gods - wouldn't take too well to rules being imposed on them, especially when the only thing which will entertain them as the eons roll by is their wit.

I submit that practical jokes, and "trolling" would most likely run rampant. However, after a few millennia of realities being randomly wiped out, and countless billions of sentient beings suffering terrible, if highly amusing, fates, a hierarchy might develop.

Some Gods would doubtlessly band together, and elect a few trusted fellows to whom they would grant great, if temporary (in their eyes) powers. These Moderators would wield mighty hammers imbued with the power of realities belonging to the Gods who elected them. These hammers would be truly terrible weapons against foes seeking to alter, damage, or viciously troll those realities from which their power stems.

However, some Gods may very well disagree with the order of things. They may still attempt to challenge the status quo - though in a more cautious, and devious way - employing dark agents known as sock-puppets.

It is entirely possible that some groups of Gods may break away and go create their own coalitions, giving birth to new spheres of influence within which they would seek to limit the power of outsiders. These coalitions, or forums, might then challenge one another and start terrible flame-wars which would shake the very foundation of the universe, and legends of which (some more accurate than others) would quickly spread to every reality.

And so, the rules of each group may well be very different. Some may seek to promote civility and cooperation, while others may actively encourage mischief, aggression, and other such "entertainment".

I can easily imagine some Gods living double lives as members of multiple forums, being voices of reason and innovation in the one, yet inciting terrible harm in others purely for their own twisted entertainment.

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Next option the gods do not agree upon rules of laws to cover and all the gods. I think in this case you would see the three different responses or types of gods.

  1. The one that universe God these God's are paranoid in constant fear that there creations will be destroyed. So they stay in one universe and spend all their time checking to see if a rogue God has managed to slip into the universe unseen. If God does tried visit their universe he is met with lethal force.

  2. The king of Angels. This type of God creates powerful creatures and gives them some God like abilities. (Think angels, Jin or demons). These creatures aren't strong enough that to kill a god but they can hurt one this would deter Rogue Gods from visiting the universe. Think of it as protecting home within army of robotic fire ants.

  3. Alliance makers. These God's would aline them self with other gods with the assurance that if another God messed with one of their universe is the other members group would hunt down and destroy the culprit.


The 5 laws of the divines

  1. No divine can enter into the reality of another divines without permission of the of ruling divine.

  2. No divine can directly effects the creation of another.

  3. The authority we be formed to capture law breaking divines.

  4. Those capture will be taken to divine court were they will be in prisoned in a prison universe for a million years.

  5. Those who are caught break the law more the four times will be killed

This is if the all the divines form united to agree on rules if I will create another answer detailing what would happen if they don't.


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