I just realized 1 problem with 2 shifts on the generation ship. My aliens when they wake up, bask in the infrared for up to 4 hours. Even the robots that they have can't compensate for 4 hours of basking. But it needs to be driven all the time to make sure there are no collisions and gravity doesn't pull them into a star or giant planet or stellar remnant. The only thing I can think of to solve this is more time awake and less time asleep so that 1 shift of aliens starts basking while the previous shift is still working.

But is there any other solution to this problem with aliens basking for up to 4 hours and the generation ship constantly driven?

  • $\begingroup$ A note: infrared is basically heat. It's not especially energetic, nothing like ultraviolet or gamma radiation. Your assumption that the robots can't survive some extra heat seems decidedly flawed: if it was hot enough to cause significant problems with the standard metal robot (warping, structural integrity loss, etc.), temperatures would be long past the boiling point of water. If your aliens live in that level of heat on a regular basis without protection, they're not likely to bear any resemblance to life as we know it, because they probably won't be using water in any way. $\endgroup$ – Palarran Nov 19 '16 at 17:00
  • $\begingroup$ I am not saying that robots can't survive extra heat, Rather I am saying that they can't drive the generation ship for 4 hours. And with scaly skin but mostly mammal characteristics, basking in heat is required, especially since metal(which the generation ship is made of mostly) is colder than body temperature. $\endgroup$ – Caters Nov 19 '16 at 17:11

humans usually work in 3-4 shifts in situations where something has to be manned constantly, so adding one more shift is not that big of a deal.

that said heated underwear might help them out a lot. they can bask while doing things.


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