Time travel hasn't been invented yet. Which sucks:< Who wouldn't want to change their past mistakes. What if it has been invented in the future and people do travel back. However, every time they change something, however minute, an alternate reality is created and the one that we exist in isn't changed. Could this be why, we haven't been visited by time travelers from the future?

P.S. I am asking this because of this Article here. And yes, I do know that by the rules of physics, time travel backwards isn't theoretically possible.


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There is another possibility, Niven's Law of Time Travel

If the universe of discourse permits the possibility of time travel and of changing the past, then no time machine will be invented in that universe.

Every trip to the past changes the timeline. "Sooner" or "later" some bozo will make a change in the past which will result in time travel not being invented. That timeline will be stable, since no one goes back to alter the past.

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Hypothetically if time travel worked the way you described, we would never know that time travel existed. Every time someone from another time arrived in our time a new branched history would be created and our present would remain unchanged.

But that's basically what you said in your question any way. This is somewhat tautological.

There are,of course, many other objections to time travel such that if it existed we would never know about it. Which is, probably, a good thing.


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