There are the two worlds A and B, which are light years apart.

In the 22nd century, a super-intelligent race with cutting edge technology from the world A tries to invade a world B which only has 21st century level science and technology.

After invading world B, the super-intelligent race A creates concepts of fear, dignity, morality, and self-preservation, and also replaces the culture.

The invaded world B is affected by environmental collapse, unending wars on every continent, every living human in this primitive world is also affected by diseases, and all its resources are also taken.

My Question: Is there any possible way that the human species on the invaded world B, that is greatly negatively affected, to fight back against the invaders and retain back its culture, power and resources?

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While H G Wells writing in 1896 could dispel technologically superior Martian invaders with the aid of earthly microbes, this isn't an option to the more sophisticated writer of today.

Considering the invaders from world A are super-intelligent and have far superior technology the sheer level of devastation to world B and its inhabitants is so great that it doesn't seem plausible for the people of world B to survive, let alone, fight back comprehensively against the invasion.

World B has environmental collapse and its resources taken. The people of world B have been psychologically attacked, their culture has been destroyed, their bodies are diseased, and they are locked in wars on every continent.

Unless the invaders from world A simply go away and leave world B in peace, for it to hopefully recover and allow its inhabitants to rebuild their civilization it is doomed by the invasion.

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