I am currently writing a story themed with revenge and isolation. The two main characters are a teenage girl living in an ordinary 17th-century Japanese village, and an elf man with no memories, who was coincidentally found lying unconscious by the village, wounded. The girl's stepmother finds him and treats his wounds in their residence.

The plot that I managed to write up so far is a mere draft, but I am seriously thinking about going to an end with it.

In this story, when the girl encounters the elf for the first time whilst he gets his treatment, she despises his appearance, considering him to be a beast. After series of unfortunate incidents, it appears to be that their origins and memories are connected. The girl was accompanied by an older teenage girl and a boy a few years ago, who were rather unusual from the human race. They were often mistaken for twins. Because of their appearance, they automatically became the outcasts of the village and on one unfortunate day, they disappeared without a trace. The elf slowly recovers memories only to realize that he recalls them as well. I am planning to disclose it at the end, that the twins were murdered.

The plot may seem obvious. As to the theme of revenge, one of the 'Twins' comes back as a ghost to torture the village. My main priority is to focus on why and how they disappeared, which would by default be linked with the past. If you know, I could refer to 'Inspector Calls' which has a similar plot except for the revenge.

I want to find out more about how common people ended up being rejected from the society in a 17th century village such as this. I'm especially looking for answers explaining how villagers behaved or what villagers did to outcasts back then.


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