Part 4 (last) of Semi-liquid Atmosphere Questions:

This part I'm not really considering too strongly yet. But feedback is still awesome.

  1. Other stuff. For future. Possibly.
    • Landforms
      • How might this affect landform formation, erosion, and the like?
      • Sandstorms and deserts? Since these rely heavily on fluid dynamics as it is, I'd imagine it's be very similar, if only different in sand-erosion and collection. But a sandstorm might function differently. Note also, dust devils. What about tundras?
      • Volcanic activity? How would this affect ejected ash-travel? I just wonder, it seems it would make it very hard to settle... which could be catastrophic. I'd rather not have that.
    • Ecology - I've mostly put this off, but I do want to somewhat fuzz the 'fish-fowl barrier'. Animals I can mostly guess I think... if I add some interesting effects, like air-bladders, or tad-pole-like evolutions, or sky-plankton. Other things, like the 'sea-mount' effect, where an underwater mountain will kick up nutrients leeward and become a nexus of life? Plants, I don't know how or if things would change much.
    • Anthropology - Again, for later. But I'm thinking the effects on community development? Say, a small fishing village. Or technology? Like gliders, or simple ballast/wing systems allowing for multi-level or submarine-like naval warfare. Lamps that 'float' by capturing the flame. Etc.
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    $\begingroup$ This one is really broad, I have to say. You could make each bullet its own question. $\endgroup$ – HDE 226868 Oct 21 '15 at 23:11
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    $\begingroup$ Landform, check. Volcanic activity, check. You really need to read Close to Critical. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close_to_Critical $\endgroup$ – JDługosz Oct 22 '15 at 6:53
  • $\begingroup$ Sounds cool. Not sure if I want a 'hell-world' any more than 'magical underwater adventure!' though. $\endgroup$ – spicklesandwich Oct 22 '15 at 16:32