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I wonder what would it would take to bring Mars back to life. I've done some Googling and haven't found anybody answering the question 100%. Surely it's not a one-step process like bombarding ice capes with nukes, but combination of all ideas could actually work, and that's my idea:

  1. First of all, warming up the core to provide an Earth-like magnetic field, or creating an artificial one with some high-tech orbital stations which would require a lot of energy; I believe it's possible.
  2. Melting ice caps to create an atmosphere that would raise temperatures and escalate to a future domino effect and global Martian warming.
  3. Planting some algae that could produce oxygen and in the future maybe strawberries.

I want to see your opinions and suggestions beacouse nobody has a complete idea of how to do it as of now.


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Terraforming Mars is the subject of Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars' triology.

From wikipedia:

"The book follows the characters across the Martian landscape, which is explained in detail. As Russell's character infiltrates the transnat terraforming project, the newly evolving Martian biosphere is described at great length and with more profound changes most aimed at warming up the surface of Mars to the brink of making it habitable, from continent sized orbital mirrors, another space elevator built (using another anchored asteroid that is dubbed "New Clarke"), to melting the northern polar ice cap, and digging moholes deep enough to form volcanoes."

Basically they use orbiting mirrors to concentrate the suns energy and blast the surface to release volatiles so as to form a greenhouse atmosphere. As you can see they also induce artificial volcanism.

  • $\begingroup$ Solar wind will quickly get rid of newly created atmosphere that's why i posted creating magnetosphere as 1st pt. That's why mirrors make none sense before magnetic protection ;/ $\endgroup$
    – peszq
    Commented Sep 13, 2015 at 16:39

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