In a worldbuilding project I am working on, its main focus is around a zerg-like hivemind species hell bent on devouring biomass, while also having the ability to weave their genomes to form specialized bioforms to suit their needs. They utilize a variety of biological technology like living guns, specialized bioforms acting as tanks, etc. This hivemind utilizes swarm tactics, relying on sheer numbers to dominate the battlefield.

I had an idea of specialized plants that grow living guns for the footsoldiers of the swarm. It would utilize Hydrogen peroxide inside a separate chamber (With proper protection of course), I chose this chemical because it's a component of fuel used by rockets which could act as gunpowder substitute means of propulsion for its different ammunition., and it can be produced by living beings, example: Bombardier beetle.

With the gunpowder issue solved, all I'm struggling to think of right now is for it's design. What would it look like? Would it mimic the looks of modern weaponry despite it's biological origins?

How would it compare to an assault rifle like the AK-47, if the ammunition used is of the same caliber?

And lastly, the plants are designed for mass production + on the go, an unarmed footsoldier would just run and grab a newly grown weapon from the plant, and will grow another one for the next soldier. How long would this process of growing the weapon and ammunition take, if the energy needs are met, and the genome of the plant is supplied with enough instructions and information to form such a weapon?

Example Art: Look how fleshy it is

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