Like I’m imagining a push dagger that’s designed to deflect blows, sort of like if deer horn knives were kept between the teeth. Is this in anyway plausible?

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They could wield it, but it would be an ineffective weapon that was difficult to do any damage with in a fight. As it's not designed for the job, much like you don't wear a boot on your hand, you could, but it's suboptimal.

There are effective mouth operated weapons already that would be much more suitable.

If you want to deflect weapons from the area around your mouth, wear a closed helmet, don't try and swordfight the blows away with a knife between your teeth, you'll end up with shattered teeth at best.


Boxeurs wear teeth protection to prevent damages caused by blows to their face, and so do many other sportsmen when face impacts are possible.

Teeth are optimized for chewing, thus handling compressive loads, not shear loads. If a punch can make some teeth come loose, even more can anything with an arm acting as multiplier which is held by a bite.