If an invasive species is introduced to a new environment, why can they outcompete local species in the same niche, if they specifically evolved in this local environment and are adapted to it, whereas the invasive species would have evolved in a similar, but not identical environment?

What factors determine whether a new species will become invasive or nor be able to survive in the new environment, and can we predict that beforehand?

What does this mean for future space exploration? Lets say, we find life on mars and bring it back (or accidentally bring it back with the sample return mission), what are the chances that it could survive on earth, and what is the probability it could pose a threat to native life?

Are there any scientific models to quantify what environments are "at risk" if a new species is introduced/ what environments are more fragile or more resilient? Are there any scientific models to predict if a specific species is going to be a problem if it is introduced?

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