This question is in the same universe as my last one, How to raise an army against the dark lord when everyone thinks he was already defeated? In this universe, magic is powered by the energy of thought, and if you don't have enough thought energy stored somewhere on you, spells will drain your energy, killing you in the process. After the Dark Lord from the previous question was defeated for the first time, remember the story takes place after the second time, he left the world in a post-apocalyptic state.

Why would anybody risk using and learning magic, if life is just a constant struggle to survive, and learning magic just adds another way for you to die?

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If we think back to technology considered dangerous in the past, it was still used because other people were going to use it, so if you didn't use it you would be left behind. Think about your magic system. If this is a post apocalypse, survival needs will be quite important. If your magic can help in this regard, in acquiring food, water, natural resources, and especially in defense, it would be pretty useful.

It sounds like, if I am correct, that you may have the concern that after magic caused this cataclysm for everyone, they wouldn't want to use it after so much pain. In this case then I'd simply make a note of saying that the people have misgivings about magic, but they need to use it. You may also deflect the resentment away from the magic itself, and have them direct their anger towards this dark lord instead.

But yeah, that's generally what you want to focus on, fine tuning your world where magic gives a big advantage. If this is in a post apocalypse, it isn't like there's a super large culture influencing people to not want to use this, though perhaps you'd see a lot of diverging views on magic in different tribes and clans.

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