I recently watched Artifexian’s video about other planetary systems, and I’d like to know more about those types mentioned and if there are any additional types I should know about. (I’ve heard that classical planetary systems aren’t common, which is why I want to learn about and probably make another type). I’ve been doing research in this area for a while, but can’t find anything helpful.

My question is: could you share some sources that explain other types of planetary systems in more detail, as well as sources explaining how I could make my own system of each type? I’m specifically looking for info on any types that could support life. Also, I’d like to request that you simplify any information you present to a non-astronomer/non-mathematician level. Thank you in advance!

Here are the types mentioned in the video: Hot Jupiter systems, Frost line systems, Long period systems, Compact systems (STIPS?), Dusty systems, Failed sun systems, Tatooine systems

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome Xirvek. This is way too broad and open-ended for the way our site works. We address single clearly focused questions where criteria are clear enough that a single identifiable "best answer" can be identified. What you're asking is for an unconstrained list. Please review the help center'se How to Ask section. Enjoy the site. $\endgroup$ Aug 22 at 22:37
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    $\begingroup$ Hello Xirvek. You're asking us to take volumes of complex information and reduce them to a non-specialist's level on your behalf. Giving you a high-school-level summary of 2-3 college-level astronomy classes isn't within the scope of Stack Exchange. You might get an answer over at Astronomy, but you should expect that they're not going to simplify everything for you, either. But they might know of a document that summarizes what you're looking for, which might be simple enough. $\endgroup$
    – JBH
    Aug 22 at 23:05


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