Heyo! I was wondering, how many liters (measurement) of blood would a small sized western dragon have? (Only slightly bigger than a large tiger at teen age) In addition to that, compared to human blood loss, when would the negative blood loss effects take place? (I.e, three liters, four liters ect.? Fainting, dizzyness, health, heart rate, breathing, ect.)

Edit: Some y'all need me to be "microscopic" specific. A LARGE ADULT tiger in size. TEEN AGE. (14-17 human years) LITERS OF BLOOD.

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  • $\begingroup$ Tigers are fully grown at 5 years old. A 14-17 year old tiger is the same size as a 5 year old tiger. $\endgroup$
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Birds vary from 60-120ml/kilo of weight of blood.

The easy assumption is just to assume that they're similar to humans, just doubled from the typical values.

enter image description here

Since dragons are about twice as big as humans. They can lose 1.5 liters of blood without substantial issues, 3 liters of blood with major issues like rapid breathing, anxiety, and drowsiness, 4 liters of blood with severe consequences like passing out, and beyond 4 with death being likely without imminent medical aid.

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So, for your first question:

A juvenile dragon that is about the size of a tiger would probably have about 18 Litres of blood.
Pigeons have an average blood capacity of 18 ml / 100 g
Rats have an average blood capacity of 6 ml / 100 g
This seems to suggest if your creature is a flyer, they'll have a higher blood capacity.
With this logic, a tiger has a blood capacity of ~ 6 Liters, so a flying creature of about the same size would have something to the tune of 18 Liters.

For your second question:

You can almost certainly be safe in using the percentage that birds are able to lose as a baseline.
This amount is 30%, so in theory they should be able to lose 5.4 liters of blood before suffering any major effects of blood loss.


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