Civilization A has a fixed population; so they need armies from outside sources to protect themselves. After many years of reign over a nearby civilization (Civilization B) to supply armies for A, several uprisings have cut into the population of A. A therefore decides to impregnate B with a religion where certain "signs" or "prophecies" would make B act predictably if A forced these signs. Control from A was covertly maintained by this religious impregnation and drugging the city's water supply.

What drug would A use to force chemical dependency on B; so they don't just leave B?

Drug specifications:

  • Must be water miscible
  • Must induce mild torpor
  • Must induce mild euphoria
  • Must be effective at low concentrations
  • Must maintain effectiveness after repeat exposure

Answers will be evaluated by which drug has the largest effect while going unnoticed by the user. (e.g. drugs with few side-effects will be favorable to drugs with severe or many side-effects)
Bonus points for drugs which include other qualities to help make users impressionable.

*mind altering parasites are also viable


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