Nuclear energy is a form of energy released from the nucleus, the core of atoms, made up of protons and neutrons. In today's world has 450 commercial nuclear power reactors operable in 30 countries.

Globally, around 10% of our electricity comes from nuclear. Then, can we fulfill the other 90% by nuclear power?

Note: The World has an Energy problem today and approximants 100 million people lack access to sufficient Energy. Such as the next 47 Years finish the Oil in the World. However, day to day increase power/electricity usage. Then we can use 100% nuclear power to make electricity, It's cheap, Carbon-free Energy that helped to reduce global warming and etc.

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There are certain difficulties at moderating the power of nuclear plants according to changing demand, but it is not a problem that stops from building 9x more power plants, because excess energy is easier to deal with than absence of energy.

But if you would like to be on a more efficient side of things then build some balancing consumers along with those power plants is a good thing. Wich would be using, what would be as of today, excess of energy - using it for recycling as an example.

With intermittent sources - if one does not have energy, that's the end - no energy. Excess of energy it's always an opportunity for some useful activity.

The problem is a bit bigger than that, as electricity is just a portion of the energy we use, and if I recall correctly it is 1/6 of the total, but lost the link to a wiki page. So if you want to go full nuclear it may be a bit more work than just 9x.


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