I have some alien laser cannons that I pulled out of a perpetual hurricane. They're cylinders that are two feet long and one foot across. They can only be charged by magnetodynamic coupling - that is, one armature spins outside them and one spins inside them, transferring power from the outside to the inside.

The problem is that these little two-foot-by-one-foot numbers can store 6.1 megajoules of energy, and someone is trying to use it to shoot down ICBMs. There are a lot of ICBMs. There are significantly fewer of these things. They need to be recharged fast.

How quickly can modern armature technology recharge these things? Assume that they absorb 100% of the energy directed at them, provided that it's in the form of magnetic energy directed at them by an armature.

  • $\begingroup$ so basically it's a dynamo generator made of unobtanium with a laser cannon attached? then i'd say the possible power transfer is in the same ballpark as a common electric generator from a common powerplant. the three gorges dam has generators with 700mw each, which means about 100 full charges per second. my gut says that's enough to shoot every ICBM, as well as everything else you want $\endgroup$ Nov 24 at 17:55

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