First things first, I came across this interesting article after which I stumbled upon this mysterious composite of an aluminium oxide and silicon carbide. Specifically stating this on wikipedia:

"In 1982 an exceptionally strong composite of aluminium oxide and silicon carbide whiskers was discovered. Development of this laboratory-produced composite to a commercial product took only three years. In 1985, the first commercial cutting tools made from this alumina and silicon carbide whisker-reinforced composite were introduced into the market."

leaving me with this

So, Does you know what this mystery aluminium oxide is? And what other aluminium oxides could be used for this strong composite?

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    $\begingroup$ It's ordinary aluminium (III) oxide, $\mathrm{Al}_2\mathrm{O}_3$, a.k.a. alumina. The word "composite" refers to a composite material, in this particular case a ceramic. (And the word "strong" here means "hard". I don't fully understand why hardness would be such an important quality for bones.) (Besides the ordinary aluminium (III) oxide, there exist aluminium (I) and aluminium (II) oxides; they are both unstable and have no practical use.) $\endgroup$
    – AlexP
    Sep 6 at 17:33
  • $\begingroup$ Hello Explunky. Please forgive me for pointing this out, but you're not asking a worldbuilding question. You're asking a straight real-world question that would have been more appropriate on Chemistry. Normally I'd VTC as not about worldbuilding, but you're new. Please remember, we're here to help you build a world and real-world questions are expected to be asked in the context of designing a fictional world. If you're just hunting for real-world answers, please use the other Stacks. $\endgroup$ Sep 6 at 21:59
  • $\begingroup$ Hard is not the same as strong. The materials you speak of are hard and brittle (not strong). $\endgroup$
    – DKNguyen
    Sep 7 at 5:21

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