I have decided to remove this question as it might affect young people searching online

Apologies to those who have already answered or spent time researching.

I may rewrite the question differently at a later date. I cannot delete the question because there are already answers and the system prevents me. I intend to sleep on this before making a final decision.

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Fibre optic whip:

enter image description here

Those fibres are very strong, you may be able to use one as a garotte, but if not, ligature strangulation by pretty lighted rope should do the trick.

Or, juggling knives

enter image description here

I sell these in my own store, and while the edge is slightly dulled, it's still pretty sharp metal. You can draw blood accidentally by handling them wrong.


enter image description hereVideo Game Console. It is a toy weapon and you can get online with it and hire a hitman to kill your twin.

enter image description here

Or, if you want a less bloody fight, use it like in the 1983 movie Wargames and hack into Norad. Threaten everyone with nuclear destruction if your twin doesn't put down the lawn dart.


Lawn Darts (for obvious reasons) and Bocce Balls (they are really hard) seem the most lethal outside a chemistry set.

Lawn Darts! enter image description here

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