I am asking this question, “How would it be possible for the moon of a gas giant to naturally be habitable for human life?” Specifically, I’m looking at these criteria:

  1. Has a tropical climate with oceans of liquid water and islands scattered throughout.
  2. Has an atmosphere that humans can breathe, and is at an mean temperature that’s somewhere between 294 and 303 Kelvin.
  3. Has a mass that’s at least .027 Earth masses, and enough atmosphere and magnetic field to protect it from the gas giant’s radiation belts.
  4. The gas giant has a mass that’s between .1 and 80 Jupiter masses, and orbits within its sun(s)’ habitable zone.
  5. The moon orbits close to the gas giant, so tidal forces permit tectonic activity, but a safe distance from the Roche limit.

For the mass of the sun, or if it’s a multiple-sun system, anything that allows the moon to get a mean temperature that’s in the specified range would do. For life, it’s primitive, and still far from forming civilizations. And if you have any calculations, show me please. And feel free to share any tidbits about the moon’s appearance and what it’d be like staying there.



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