I want to ensure that my burial tomb is guarded by a pit of snakes for all the ages, similar to that featured in Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark). Initially, I thought I could have an ecosystem of snakes where larger species ate smaller species, but there would reach a point where the food supply would truncate and the species upstream on the food chain would be affected.


Working backwards, if I want a pit that is perpetually filled with snakes, what starting ingredients do I need to include at time of burial?

Further clarifications

  • Time frame: needs to be viable for thousands of years
  • Closed off, it's a sealed, self-contained pit (possibly with tiny vents for oxygen)
  • $\begingroup$ I think an ecosystem of snakes having a snake-only food chain could work, the smaller snakes would just have to multiply at a much quicker rate than the larger ones - which could be explained by natural selection (if 5 snakes get eaten, the species must create >5 snakes to last until procreation). Then I guess the question is what do the smallest snakes eat? $\endgroup$
    – Tyler N
    Commented Aug 12, 2020 at 17:56

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Let the snakes pick.

Find a cave that is already full of year round snakes. Then get buried in there. If the snakes are not ever leaving, the food will have to come to them. A good option is bats, which are tasty and which come and go from caves. So you could use


enter image description here


In addition to the swarms of bats and dangling serpents, there is also a flooded portion of the cave that houses blind albino crustaceans. It’s possible that this is the creepiest cave in the world. Or at least the one that most resembles a Dungeons and Dragons setting.

Many bats, and the snakes that eat them actually living in the ceiling. Probably some wind up on the floor too. I suspect the bat biomass also supplies the albino crustaceans. Would it be excessive to have a giant Olm be the apex predator? No, I think that would be very appropriate.


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