So, my werewolves are a diet version of the classical lycanthrope.

  • They have considerable strength and a thick hide, but a trained human can still overpower them.
  • They can be hurt with regular weapons and poisoned with silver items (more precisely, the pathogens that reside on silver surfaces).
  • They have a good sense of smell but can be stunned/irritated with strong-smelling chemicals.
  • They can regenerate but it takes time.
  • They don't transform, only on the first occasion when they turn into their hybrid form then stay that way.
  • They are in perfect control, except for the duration of the full moon, in which case some precautions have to be made.

There are three ways one can become a werewolf:

  1. A curse that strikes random people.
  2. Getting bitten by a werewolf.
  3. Being born as a werewolf (werewolves CAN reproduce)

Now, even purebred (born as) werewolves are almost impossible to discern from humans, as far as personalities go. Though they tend to use their Jacobson's organ more frequently.

Werewolves live in self-sufficient tribes. They have agriculture and everything but are limited in number, as the curse is fairly rare, and werewolves practice social distancing (avoid humans) during full moon, along with taking anesthetics before the event to snooze through it.

The "natural" enemies of werewolves are the monster hunters, a terrorist organization that is universally despised (even among humans) for harboring serial killers that found out membership is an easy way to evade authorities without having to give up their hobbies. The only reason this kos (kill on sight) group is able to exist is because of capitalism.

The demand is dead werewolves and monster hunters have a monopoly over the supply; but why? Why would people want werewolves dead when they are so human-like and are frequently former humans, many of whom were in good standing?

The society is medieval, albeit the existence of artifacts (ancient technology that helps out in small ways) makes it more similar to its romanticized (knight in shining armor, etc..) form, devoid of plagues and famine but with a strong feudal society.

The racism towards werewolves has to frame them as a dangerous element that has to be controlled and/or completely eliminated with no room for negotiation and it needs something to stand on. You sow lies from a grain of truth.

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    $\begingroup$ If the werewolves aren't psychotic, when do people get bitten? Either werewolves are aggressive and therefore dangerous or the only people who get bitten are volunteers. $\endgroup$ – KerrAvon2055 Jun 5 at 2:38
  • $\begingroup$ Wait...folks need reasons to distrust others who are slightly different? I missed that memo. $\endgroup$ – user535733 Jun 5 at 3:12
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    $\begingroup$ @KerrAvon2055 I mean, given this hatred towards, them, I wouldn't doubt a werewolf would bite a monster hunter if given the chance (enjoy the next full moon you ********) $\endgroup$ – ProjectApex Jun 5 at 10:42

There can be many reasons, from a religious belief that they are sons and daughters of the devil to a genuine concern over creatures that can loose control and kill a person in a full moon.

Though I'm mostly sure that they're feared and unwanted specifically because they're so hard to tell apart from normal humans, so we have creatures that can look human, but then at one moment they can go feral and maul you if you're not prepared, and what's worse, it could be anyone, even someone that looked normal and was in good standing. "Remember of Markus, the innocent boy who we thought couldn't hurt a fly? Turns out he was a werewolf, and it seems like he was the one who killed Mary". Tales of people who were attacked by supposed friends who were actually werewolves during the night, true or not, would be more than enough to create not only a feeling of hatred towards this undercover threat, but also a sense of distrust. Small communities would be even more closed, travelers and strangers would be heavily suspected on and seen as unwanted, and accusing someone of being a werewolf could potentially be a sentence of death by angry mob.

I also don't doubt that this terrorist faction would make use of this already present sense of unease to raid certain homes during the night, especially during the full moon, and then blame the werewolves, showing everyone how vicious these beasts are, how good it is for them to be around and why it's so important to keep paying protection fees, so that they can remain geared up in order to make the world a better place by hunting these monsters to extinction. Like good old capitalism, there'll usually be people exploiting a potential source of income, even if it means becoming something that'd make a feral werewolf look like a civilized person.

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  • $\begingroup$ Uhh... I did say they stay in their hybrid form for the rest of their lives but can pass a Turing test at any time. $\endgroup$ – Mephistopheles Jun 5 at 8:02
  • $\begingroup$ ...Except full moon, of course. $\endgroup$ – Mephistopheles Jun 5 at 8:22
  • $\begingroup$ @Mephistopheles oh, sorry, didn't think of it at the time (tired). Yeah everyone who could afford something made out of silver likely would do so, and people would be "tested" as soon as they started acting differently (and in closed societies, people KNOW when you're acting differently). Also if you got bitten by a dog, wolf or other thing that left a canid-looking bite, you should expect to get "tested" and trapped until it's proven that you're clean. $\endgroup$ – ProjectApex Jun 5 at 10:37
  • $\begingroup$ Since the question is science-based, I thought slow transformation into a werewolf and then staying in that form forever was the most plausible explanation. I'm not sure if vulnerability to silver would be expressed in the early stages of the transformation. $\endgroup$ – Mephistopheles Jun 5 at 11:13
  • $\begingroup$ @Mephistopheles that's up to you. If you really want there to be fear, I'd recommend the weakness to silver to be a side effect of the new form and only present after the transformation (or to be much less notable before the person transforms), since being able to test for werewolves would most likely make people a little less paranoid. $\endgroup$ – ProjectApex Jun 5 at 11:25


  • Religion. God has decreed those that walk on two feet but are not man are demons. Wolves often appear in sheep's clothing. This stuff was common in a world without prrof of the supernatural. Real proof would magnify these forces greatly. And if one religion says werewolves are good, another says they're evil to differentiate themselves.
  • Culture. Werewolves practice different traditions, possibly religions, maybe have a secret language, eat different foods.
  • Racism. All by itself, people are primed to hate and fear those who are unlike themselves. In - and that is among full humans. In a medieval society, this is even worse. If you have no experience with outsiders, they all seem foreign. Can you honestly say as a modern human, you could walk into a village of werewolves alone and feel comfortable? Magnify that feeling ten times.
  • Fear of the unknown. People in this time simply didn't know any better. If you were lucky, the village priest might have some education. If not... How do you know lycanthropy doesn't spread by contact, or that the folks in the werewolf village don't plan to kill and eat you all? Are you taking the word of the werewolf?
  • Greed. The werewolf village has stuff we want and craftsmen who've made nice stuff. I'd sure like it. Look at all that land in the hands of those no good, mangy (a real possibility) varmints. And those bounty hunters aren't doing this for fun - they don't get paid if you don't hate your neighbors.
  • Revenge. Sure, Billy was in our village and is now a werewolf. We love Billy, but he's the walking dead now, saying he's fine, but we know better. They took him, and who's to say you're not next?
  • History. Hundreds of years of stories say the werewolves were evil in grandpa's day, and you respect your elders, don't you? A war happened once, and your people learned how to kill those werewolves. You know Grandpa has a haunted look when he talks about it - they were so strong and terrible. But now you're prepared and have the numbers to set things right.
  • Outright lies and superstition. (somewhat covered already) Did you know crossing a werewolf's path causes your chickens to stop laying, and cows dry up because a werewolf came in the night and suckled.
  • Evil werewolves. They aren't better than people, and people can be really awful. All these biases can apply in the reverse direction. Maybe a certain percentage of werewolves are really vile sapients with no regard for human life. That's enough on it's own.
  • Random conflicts. Perhaps dogs recognize werewolves as wolves and freak out when they're around.Maybe Billy who lived in the village is having trouble adjusting to his new life and wanders back to get drunk over and over, boasting and smacking people around. A village maiden says a werewolf raped her to explain how she got pregnant.
  • Envy. Life isn't perfect, but it sounds like it's good to be a werewolf. Who doesn't want to be stronger, tougher, to have better smell, etc? People either want to become werewolves, betraying traditional values, or they feel cheated by them. My eldest son ran off to become one, then came back and wanted his inheritance. The nerve! The werewolves wouldn't let me become one, just because I killed a few people. I'll show them!
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  • $\begingroup$ You get half way through this list and suddenly you start wondering the inverse: would it even be possible for humans and werewolves to maintain a lasting peace. $\endgroup$ – Nosajimiki Jun 5 at 3:40
  • $\begingroup$ @Nosajimiki - Reinstate Monica A little dark, but a real concern. Some people in these questions suggest it would be impossible to have multiple intelligences in a midieval setting without genocide.That would also be an interesting question. I can think of some scenarios... $\endgroup$ – DWKraus Jun 5 at 4:25
  • $\begingroup$ Those that walk on two feet but are not man are demons. Sorry, birds. Also some primates. And some lizards. Also my dog if I hold the treat up over his head long enough. God should've been more specific. $\endgroup$ – Darrel Hoffman Jun 5 at 13:32
  • $\begingroup$ "Can you honestly say as a modern human, you could walk into a village of werewolves alone and feel comfortable?"... Can you honestly say, as a Caucasian, you could walk into a village of Africans and feel comfortable? Most of us (hopefully!) feel guilty about saying "no", but still... Difference, if we aren't used to it, makes us uncomfortable. $\endgroup$ – Matthew Jun 5 at 14:42
  • $\begingroup$ @Darrel Hoffman Maybe this is the moral justification for keeping chickens in cages, and monkeys on chains... $\endgroup$ – DWKraus Jun 5 at 15:41

Revenge of the great dead king!

You see, these werewolves were not always hated, in fact, they were our friends and equals. Then something happened, something terrible.

This truth is not known to many people and only exist as a mere rumor, Once there was a great king, loved by all, in whose rule, werewolves were treated equal to humans and worked alongside us. The king had 3 sons, and the youngest was the greedy one who despised these terrible monsters and wanted the kingdom for himself which was to be soon given to the eldest prince.

So, he devised a plan to get what he wanted, on the night of the full moon, he tricked some werewolves guards and servants into king's quarter, killed the king and his two brothers making it look like it was done by the werewolves and then killed the werewolves too.

After that a panic and hatred towards werewolves spread throughout the nation, the greedy brother took over the kingdom and ordered the killing of these terrible monsters throughout the nation, they had no choice left, but to run and hide.

Hundreds of years later, even today, people hold their grudge towards these werewolves, monster hunters take advantage of this grudge, as some people came to know about this story/rumor they made peace, but old grudges die hard, Hence the enmity continues.

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They stole my pigs!

Or I thought it was them. I think so. And I'm 100% sure that it was MY pig. The bottom line is:

Carthago delenda est errr I mean Werewolves must be stopped.

You have an organisation that not only profit from hunting but also harbour psycho- and sociopaths. They have double reason to hunt. First is money, second "As long as we are useful we are free". So they would steal a chicken or two from some village, came around two days later and says "Oh, did someone stolen your poultry? Must be those weres. Today it's chicken, tomorrow it will be you".
And then they go on their merry way of raping young men, bulling girls and courting cows. But you can't say anything because they WILL help you with werevolwes.
Because after their visit not a single chicken went missing.

They might be bad but are not as bad as the Turned ones. I heard, that when you woo the moon you pillage, eat 100 mens meals in one night, defy the king, don't pay taxes and throw paper on the street. Not to mention you roll your eyes on your mother!

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  • $\begingroup$ Honestly, you'd think the people would hate the organzation made up of known bandits, rapists, and murderers more than the werewolves and be more likely to blame them. Werewolves may be treated as the other but these people are a literal army of known criminals. $\endgroup$ – user2352714 Jun 6 at 16:29

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