Welcome to planet X! Planet X is the same as Earth in radius, composition, axial tilt and orbits star Y (identical to the Sun). Planet X has a moon known as moon Z (identical to Earth's moon).

Could an east Mongolia-like region (Köppen BSk) exist on planet X meeting all of the following requirements?

  • At least 4 million sq. km. of contiguous Köppen BSk/BWk climate type (preferably 5 million sq. km.)
  • Relatively compact (not a long, narrow strip of BSk/BWk climate type)
  • Occasional plateaus with colder weather (Köppen Dwb/Dwc) on top

You may do anything with planet X as long as it meets this requirement.


Is the Pleistocene Mammoth Steppe between Europe, across Beringia, and into North America dry/cold enough? While it was not a desert per se, it was a vast treeless grassland in the arid Arctic, bordered by continental scale ice sheets, meaning that it was both drier and colder than modern day North America/Eurasia. It's a little unclear from your question what level of vegetation is allowed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mammoth_steppe

During the Last Glacial Maximum, the mammoth steppe was the Earth’s most extensive biome. It spanned from Spain eastwards across Eurasia to Canada and from the arctic islands southwards to China. It had a cold, dry climate; the vegetation was dominated by palatable high-productivity grasses, herbs and willow shrubs, and the animal biomass was dominated by bison, horses, and woolly mammoth. This ecosystem covered wide areas of the northern part of the globe, thrived for approximately 100,000 years without major changes, and then suddenly became all but extinct about 12,000 years ago.

You could make it colder/ drier with more mountain uplift, causing drawdown of more atmospheric CO2.

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