One of the antagonists in my story has won every battle he’s come across. Being a sort of “god” he is biologically and physically immortal. Meaning he can’t die of age and can’t die to inflicted injuries.

In most of this world, the population at large are currently at the medieval ages. If one gets close to him with the intent to harm, he’ll smash them to a pulp(literally) within a second. Since you wouldn’t want to be near him you’ll need a long range weapon.Of the weapons available at this time, there’s the longbow, the crossbow, and the rare musket. Of course, none of these weapons can actually harm him permanently.

His power basically goes like this: With magic, he can accelerate the rate at which his cells can reproduce to a mind boggling speed. Lopped off an arm? No worries; Just grew it back within 10 seconds. His DNA is essentially cancer proof even with his fast regeneration rate. The DNA strands cannot be “pushed off” their exact locations by normal means(am I describing this correctly, oncologists?). “Normal” being the amount of radiation usually found in the environment.

A group of knowledgeable people from Earth have come to this world. They too know how his regeneration works; so they’ve come up with a plan, they’re going to irradiate him so badly that he’ll turn into a living lump of cancer. They’re not sure about the method because there’s so many ways to do it! There’s Gamma-rays, X-rays, Dirty Bombs and so much more!(it’s kind of scary how excited they are for this)

Big problem though, what’s to stop him from turning into some Akira-type shit and consuming the entire planet?

  • $\begingroup$ Worth noting that no matter how fast he can speed up cell replication the human body has no way to regrow limbs. $\endgroup$ – Joe Bloggs Mar 26 at 11:44
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    $\begingroup$ The only thing stopping him is the plot. See Meta $\endgroup$ – Separatrix Mar 26 at 11:46
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    $\begingroup$ Does he also have super strength etc in addition to the regeneration? Because if not they just need to bury him. $\endgroup$ – Tim B Mar 26 at 12:04
  • $\begingroup$ How much more detail can you give about how his Regen works. It is comparable to Neoblast Cells or something more far fetched, perhaps based on something stored digitally as blueprints? Also, where are all these new cells coming from in terms of resources. If your antagonist remains in combat for extended periods the demands on his Regen are gonna Pass way beyond the last meal he ate. $\endgroup$ – Darius Arcturus Mar 26 at 12:35
  • $\begingroup$ Conservation of mass, some other god freezes him/throws him in a volcano to keep him busy...... endless possibilities. Story-based at the moment unless you can edit to explain his magic/the world's rules in order to make a structured "best answer" possible. $\endgroup$ – BLT-Bub Mar 26 at 12:38