So I asked this question a few days ago, with excellent and certainly useful feedback. I've decided I'd like to build upon that question with some ways to combat our 'new and improved super zombies'.

For the sake of this question, let's assume that ZB01 has successfully gone global, infecting people all over the world. We'll use these zombies except let's say that they don't burn out too quickly and succeed in occupying most of the world, leading to a full zombie apocalypse. Only pockets of humanity remain. Survivors face a war-torn zombie-infested world.

Our protagonist for the day is Ned. Ned is a survivor of ZB01 and travels with a group of ruffians in what used to be northern Texas. Ned has requested that you, his supplier, equip him in the most effective zombie killing weapon you can think of.

  • Ned needs to travel LIGHT and can't be weighed down by ammo or batteries.
  • Ned will be departing imminently on supply run that will last 2-5 months so his weapon must be durable enough to dispatch the undead for at least that long.
  • Ned's journey will likely put him in all sorts of zombie-fighting-venues including urban alleyways, rural pastures,and close quarters.
  • This is the so tech must be feasible with what we currently have.
  • You are only limited by your imagination. You've stockpiled resources and have access to most of what you might need.
  • Ned doesn't want to be lame, so he needs you to be as creative as possible in order to insure that all the other zombie slayers see him as 'hip' and 'fresh'.

  • What weapon do you give to Ned?
  • (If applicable) How is this weapon assembled?
  • What makes this weapon more effective than others for this scenario?


I realize that this question is a bit opinion based; however, I'm confident that the answers could potentially be extremely beneficial to future askers.

If you answer this question, please be thorough. I'd really appreciate some in-depth perspective with insight that others may not have considered!

(Also, as always, feel free to let me know of any issues in the question and I will address them promptly)

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Really long stilts:

enter image description here

  • Ned's strides are longer so he can move faster than zombies.
  • They double as staffs.
  • Like people, zombies don't often look up so they won't even know you are there.
  • The height allows you to wield a golf club to smack zombies in the head. You can pick up replacement golf clubs at sporting stores all along the route.
  • The stilts could be made high tech by spring loading them, allowing Ned to jump over zombies as well.
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  • $\begingroup$ Hmm, I wonder now, Maybe this would work if you had a weapon like a quarterstaff to use as a third contact point for balance. Otherwise it's too hard to maintain balance and becomes a danger to the user if they fall. $\endgroup$ – Jonathan Aug 19 '15 at 18:51

My first thought was a sling blade:

enter image description here

Sharp on both sides it's a little lighter and more versatile than your usual axe, but it would still be a bit too heavy to lug around for 5 months.

Which led me to thinking about purpose built survival gear, specifically mountaineering equipment like:

The cool thing about this sort of equipment is that it is all designed to be as light, strong, and durable as possible. If you wouldn't want it strapped to your back while scaling a cliff, its too heavy.

Mountaineering gear gives our friend Ned some additional tactical options. In most urban and wilderness areas he could climb to avoid zombies. Any nearby tree or structure becomes a safe haven. Rope and simple hardware opens up a whole litany of trapping options.

When push comes to shove the ice axe can be used as a light weight club, axe, and/or stabbing implement. Ned could climb a tree let out enough line to comfortably hang out in his harness above the zombies reach and crack heads until the horde thinned out.

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