Imagine an Earth sized planet consists of only ferrous metals, the creatures living on the planet move around like a maglev train basically they interact with the world and among each other electromagnetically. I'm wondering since electromagnetic force is much much greater than gravitational force would the creature ever knows gravity is there, let suppose this steppenwolf planet is alone in a super void drifting through the emptiness of space and the inhabitants had managed to develop calculus. How can they know gravity?

Edit: the planet generate a powerful magnetic field of at least 10 tesla!

  • $\begingroup$ They will, the same way we did...Why does the apple fall downwards in the first place? $\endgroup$ – Shadowzee Mar 17 at 3:37
  • $\begingroup$ Electromagnetism is stronger than gravity, yes, but because you have positive and negative particles mixed all over the place mutually canceling out and gravity emerges as the most evident force on a larger scale. Conditions to electromagnetism overcome gravity need a very ionized environment like in a neutron star. Need lots of fantasy to imagine any kind of lifeforms in this kind of place. How you would make molecules? $\endgroup$ – Rodolfo Penteado Mar 17 at 4:18

the planet generate a powerful magnetic field of at least 10 tesla!

That world will become dry in a very short time at cosmic scale.

Reason: water is diamagnetic - so indeed any creature containing lots of water may levitate (if not heavy enough). But this also applies to water vapors; those will be repulsed into space - hence, no water based life will develop.

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