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The Qilin or Kirin is commonly depicted as:

  • having a reddish orange mane
  • resembling a horse
  • having a branch like horn
  • have goat hooves
  • are herbivores
  • being a dark seafoam green coloration
  • having a somewhat long tail ending with a horse tail
  • are covered in something which resembles fish scales
  • have have what appears to be a beard and eyebrows
  • will actively try and avoid harming any creatures
  • are solitary
  • are semi-aquatic

Given these characteristics, what species could the Qilin have evolved from, and what evolutionary pressures would lead to such a being?

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    $\begingroup$ I appreciate that this is a unique, mythical creature. It's a lot more interesting and arguably more on-topic to ask about folklore rather than video game characters when designing a fictional world. That being said, does this question provide new / useful / interesting insights? You've described a multicolor horse with a horn. Plenty of animals on Earth are multicolor, a few have horns, and at least one is even a literal horse. Anatomically Correct questions aren't really helpful imo unless they provide more specific, challenging, and inexplicable attributes. $\endgroup$
    – Zxyrra
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