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So, I'm not into writing or creating any new worlds, but this question (or a set of questions) was bothering me for a while and I thought it's a good place to ask.

  1. If there exists an alien civilization in a nearby star system (i. e. Alpha Centauri) and it has a similar technology level to ours (producing the same amount of radio noise), would we be able to detect it?
  2. Are we at this point 100% sure there are no such civilizations in nearby star systems?
  3. If there's a civilization nearby with similar technology to ours (or more advanced but still scientifically plausible) do they already know that we're here?

This question asks for hard science. All answers to this question should be backed up by equations, empirical evidence, scientific papers, other citations, etc. Answers that do not satisfy this requirement might be removed. See the tag description for more information.

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