The Situation:
In Times Square, hundreds of thousands of people are milling around. Everyone was moving past the newly installed high-def screens during a "Good Morning America" broadcast.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, the roads were empty (rush hour is when 5 cars come in a hour. That's actually the legal definition there).

Back in Times Square, the screens all flicked off and emitted screeching noises at 127 decibels for 1.27 seconds. The noise then stopped and the screen switched to displaying the empty, streetlight-lit Nevada road for 12 seconds..

The glitches then escalate into randomness, ending with a message "Submit to us". Then the screens fell off (yes, all of them), hitting some people.

The Question:
What would be a realistic response from the mass of humanity there? Additionally, what would the reactions be for the Good Morning America anchors?

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The realistic response from the mass of humanity there?

People would suspect an act of terrorism. Fleeing the area would be difficult because, with hundreds of thousands people, Times Square would be as packed as it is for the New Year's celebration.

While the person next to them is breathing down their neck, they would idly wonder why there is a legal definition for rush hour. They would not recognize "the road" of Nevada because it would just be a black screen; it's 4 a.m. in Nevada when Good Morning America is airing in New York.

No one would notice to the millisecond the duration of the screeching noises, nor would they be able to determine the volume, nor would they recognize that the dark screen was displayed for exactly twelve seconds. The initial events would appear to be random, so no one would recognize when things escalated into randomness.

Nobody would see the cast of Good Morning America reacting because all the screens were displaying a dark road before falling off.

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