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So I'm trying to explain the basic steps behind magically creating lightning between your hands by combining two or more basic elements together:

The elements you can use are: Fire, air, water, earth.

  • Fire allows the manipulation of fire, can change temperatures (can make things cold as well) by channeling or absorbing energy, and can cause sparks/friction.
  • Air allows control over placement and density of air and other similar gas structures.
  • Water and earth have similar properties to air regarding their respective elements.

Now assuming that you have this magical fuel called 'mana' to support this with a steady output of 10k joules:

  • which combination of elements would you use in order to explain something similar to a taser(preferably while having to use both hands)?

note: the explanation does't have to be too in depth: implying that there are positive/negative charges and magnetism involved would be more than enough.

edit: note that the focus here is for a more compact form of electrical shock, rather than building up a big thundercloud to strike someone with lightning, I would've wanted the equivalent of something like a police taser.

edit: basically meant to replace this: image ...In a medieval setting


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The same way it happens in a sandstorm: Air + Earth (dust/sand particles) Picture of sandstorm thunderstorm Link to Youtube Video of above sandstorm thunderstorm

As explained in this article during sandstorms large sand particles can lose electrons (gaining a positive charge) to lighter dust particles (making them negative). Then as the lighter particles rise and the larger particles stay at a lower position the separation of charges allows for an electric field.

For your mages just create a small sandstorm (with dust/sand particles of varying sizes) between your hand and watch the sparks begin. As the articles states the addition of sand increases the emissions 10 times, so you wouldn't need as big a cloud as you would with normal conditions.

You could then just extend some water as a conductor if needed or hold something between your palms to help act as a separator if you wanted to accelerate the reaction (just make sure your well grounded yourself).

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Earth and Air (with maybe a little bit of water for the cloud).

Use your control of the wind cause air friction which builds up the electrical potential of a thunder cloud which you have grown between your hands.

Then use your earth power to draw a powerful ground-potential up through the feet of your target.

Then close your eyes because you are standing at the origin point of a lightning bolt.

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