This specific type of telekinesis is constrained in that the telekinetic can only lift what they would physically be able to lift. Somehow, they are transferring energy from their body across space, to then influence an object. How could this be justified?


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    $\begingroup$ I really don't think that you'll get a science-based answer that makes sense, as telekinesis doesn't have a basis in science. You could try the magic tag instead. $\endgroup$ – Measure of despare. Jun 23 at 23:48
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The Force!

Yours will be only be slightly more limited. It should be a kinda force projection.

Your telekinesis only links objects through space, don't create energy from nothing. They need to exert force through their physical bodies.

As for justification? It is your universe. Telekinesis, psionics aren't rooted in our actual science (as far as my knowledge goes, top secret government research not withstanding). You can use any plausible sounding idea or just skip over it, after explaining the rules and limits of it.


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