We are occasionally asked for advice about the worldbuilding process. By its creative and imaginative nature, the process of worldbuilding doesn't have a single obvious starting point or a step-by-step process that is universally applicable to all worldbuilding efforts.

The answer below lists many worldbuilding resources that can help you with your, "where do I go next?" questions. We recommend that you review these resources before asking us, so that if you do need to ask, you know exactly what problem you need to solve.

Please note that there are many specific questions assigned the and tags. Most of them are too specific to be generally useful for the purpose of this post. We recommend reviewing them both for their content and to get an idea of the kinds of specific resource and process questions we answer here.

The answer has been created as a community wiki, which means everyone is invited to add resources. I and the moderators reserve the right to remove entries that we deem trivial or inappropriate. Everyone is welcome to help with formatting to keep the list neat and organized.

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General Guides

The First Step

The Last Step

Celestial Mechanics

Religion & Philosophy


Climate & Weather


Flora & Fauna



Creature Design

Military, Weapons and Apparel

Cities and Societies


Science and Technology


Books about Worldbuilding

Youtube Channels and Podcasts about Worldbuilding

Worldbuilding Discussion Forums

We've been asked about places to go for discussion beyond mere Q&A. There are several excellent long form discussion forums focusing on worldbuilding.

Those are the main ones, and there are certainly other highly specialised forums as well.

World-Building Software

Software in this category is designed to help manage the process of worldbuilding rather than specific aspects of worldbuilding (e.g., climate simulation, mapping), which may be dealt with in greater detail with dedicated tools.

  • FrathWiki: a great place to store the articles you've written about your invented worlds, cultures, languages and histories; easy to use Media Wiki style, no unnecessary bells and whistles
  • World Anvil: Free tool (you can pay to remove ads). Allows you to consolidate your world building contents online. Covers timelines, geography, religion, allows for uploading and pinning maps, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
  • Scabard: Free with a private mode available for $40 yearly subscription. This is geared (heavily) towards RPG & TableTop campaigns but has many tools for general Worldbuilding. Offers: Map creation, Timelines, Event handling, Character/Group/Item/Location creation options, and graph options for mapping connections.


There are a very large number of books about or contributing to worldbuilding. This is not the place to list them all. It is the place to list those that have been mentioned in questions and answers posted on this site. Please list the book (with link to Amazon or the author's website), the author's name, and links to the WB.SE posts that cite the book.


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