So, in my world, nuclear war happened, and the US has been forced to retreat into underground bases and shelters, were they stay for the next 90 years.

During their time underground, they grow increasingly Nazi-esque. Xenophobia, fascism, and so on. They still have the presidential office, along with the secret service, who are armed with the most advanced weapons the Bunker can give. But, the Secret Servicemen often, politically meddle, killing of new presidents and candidates, giving “impeachment” a new meaning.

My question is, after all of this, why would the citizens of the Bunker not reform the Secret Service?


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All the time, they have been operating under emergency conditions. Martial law, probably. Having a Pretorian Guard for several generations has historical precedent. So why not here?

So at first it is the emergency which forced them into the bunkers, and then it is the conditions of living in a very fragile ecosystem.

  • It is dangerous out there. Everybody has to pitch in to survive. Don't rock the boat. What are you, a Commie Mutant Traitor?
  • How much of the supreme court made it into the bunker? Can they challenge the President and his goons under these conditions? What happens between the President and his staff behind closed doors is never proven ...
  • No free press, right? I mean, the tech level is too early for an internet/intranet and paper will be seriously rationed. Official proclamations on official message boards only.
  • People in power could claim that no reform at all is possible because legitimate State legislatures would be needed to touch the 25th amendment. This may or may not be true, see above for the court.

It could all come apart, as it did in the Soviet Union, East Germany, or Romania. Or it could keep on for generations, as in North Korea.


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