Idea for a weapon:

  • hand held recoilless gun with caliber around ~75mm (to hit nearby, low value, easy to hit targets)
  • to this weapon also anti-tank or anti-air guided rockets can be loaded (when dealing with more distant, resilient, valuable or mobile targets) Yes, they may partially stick out of the tube. (something like a bigger, guided brother of RPG)

My basic fact checking:

  • normally rocket launchers (example: Stinger) use double engine anyway (first to leave the tube without burning user, second to actually deliver the projectile)
  • using recoilless launch is actually doable for rocket projectile (example: RPG), but they seem to be much smaller

Would such weapon be feasible? (I wonder whether trade offs would actually be worth it or be an engineering nightmare) Yes, I know it would leave impressive backblast, this one is fine.


  • modern tech level

  • an example of a recoilless rifle: enter image description here


This already exists

The Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle, which you have pictured, has the option to fire ammunition which is both laser guided and rocket assisted.

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for info, indeed they are being right now developed / start being produced. But it seems for me that I miss one key info - for over half century no one seriously tried to merge such two weapons. Any idea where is the catch? $\endgroup$ – Shadow1024 Mar 11 at 20:46
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ @Shadow1024 If you mean merging anti-tank and anti-air functions, there has already been such an attempt known as the ADATS. Nobody knows how well it works though as AFAIK no shots were fired in anger before it was withdrawn from service $\endgroup$ – nullpointer Mar 12 at 2:33

You simply build a guided missile launcher that doesn't object if a dumb rocket is loaded into it. When launching something guided you want to aim it as well as you can when launching anyway as such rounds have limited cross-range capability so the launcher will function the same in both cases.


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