What are the important points to consider when creating a magic-system? Particularly with curses and healing magic or white and black magic.

For example:

  • Where it comes from?
  • Who can wield it?
  • What does society believe about it?
  • What costs are there or what balances it?
  • What kinds of magic are there?

Is all I have as far as questions for myself for now and that seems pretty basic. I do not need these questions answered as I am supposed to answer them. I would love more questions or different approaches to answers or links something. I do not want anyone else telling me those 5 questions are a problem and I am asking 6 questions when I am asking 1 question. I am only asking at most 3 questions( I will remove one).

I would be also really grateful for links or previous answers to some of those questions, that may help giving a direction to work with.

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Where it comes from?

If you want a consistent magical setting, this should be the first question to ask yourself. Is it generated by humans? Is it gained from materials (crystals, etc...) Is it an energy that's just manipulated by the wielder? Or maybe the energy of dead souls?

What kinds of magic are there?

When you answered your first question, this should be the next one. Here it's totally up to you to define what's possible and what is not. You should by now know in which direction you're going with your magic.

what costs are there or what balances it?

This is a trickier one. Depending on where it comes from, it availability could be limited by mana, gems, herbs, etc... If it's just manipulated energy the cost could be that it's able to consume you or your sanity. This question is in a specific way asked here, I answered there with more explanation than I can provide to the vague question here.

What does society believe?

Now you can implement your magic to a society. Ask yourself, how advanced is your society and how would people act if this kind of magic exist. It's very likely religion will form around this magic, people believeing in magical gods or demons. And lastly you should ask yourself if it is accepted by the society or feared. This highly depends on the capability and kind of magic you implement. Those question are mostly asked around here, feel free to browse the site and find inspiration. And may ask specific questions to ONE of the points. Welcome to SEW.


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