Create this mental picture in your head: A World named Gazon that used to be full of life until the Sentient Gazons you created used up all the available resources and started eating each other. Only 20% of the original population has a Limited amount of resources and are NOT eating each other. How would those 20% stop the decreasing population? Disclaimer: The Cannibalism is caused by lack of any other type of food.

The Reason for Resource Exhaustion

A few years ago on the planet Varon, another species (Varons) made by the Godlike beings got jealous of the resources because their world was as barren as this planet is now... the Varon species declared war on the other planet and exhausted its resources, causing the two planets to basically swap places.

The Reason For Food Exhaustion

During the war, the soil got acidic because of a weapon that shot acid across the world to damage the production of weapons for the species.


  • There is a blackmarket for seeds at expensive prices.
  • There is also a lack of water.
  • The soil is very acidic

Question: Without intervention by the now-dorment Gods, how can the remaining population stabilize their numbers?

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  • $\begingroup$ What happened to our good old carbon cycle? Usually dead release "resources" they kept for life, and then bacteria and plants recycle them all right. $\endgroup$ – Mołot Feb 4 '19 at 15:58
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Just wait?

Like the trope of everyone in the world turning into Mad Max style murderous thieves, it's just not a feasible long-term occupation. Theres a risk each time you try to get new "resources" and you need to supplement your diet with a lot of extra food. I think it was 70% of the energy that is lost upon eating meat. So you either need to be killing several people a week to sustain a small group of people with risk to life and limb each time you try to kill or start reducing the amount of people you eat and replace the missing meat with other sources of food.

The full canibals will have to take greater risk each time to get their meat, and as the population drops there will be less targets so they will have the smallest communities with the greatest effort to stay alive. The partial cannibals will be able to have larger communities and are less threatened by the full cannibals. The non-cannibals have the largest communities and will gladly target and murder cannibals to secure themselves, which they most certainly can with their numbers.


The non-cannibal types would have to be very well organized, disciplined, and defended, with the farms deep in their territory.

Wood ash and limestone would be a good way to reduce acidity of the soil where you wanted the main crops.

You would want to focus on plants with a high tolerance for acidic soil first, so that there would be less of a need to bring down the acidity initially....

Here is a list

Make your non-cannibalistic folks have strict punishment for cannibalism, and keep them well fed. Attract more who want to give up cannibalism (plants don't fight back when you try to eat themn)

Make it very costly for the anyone to remain cannibalistic. by maintaining a perimeter, and expanding it as you increase the yield of your farmland... invite more people in, punish those who don't abide by the no-cannibalism laws, repeat.


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